Our wellbeing program centers around our ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, which pupils are encouraged to practise in their everyday lives. Wellbeing Thursdays give the Senior pupils an opportunity to practise these by taking part in a range of wellbeing activities from Yoga to crafts, or get some fresh air with a walk through the grounds.

In the Infants and Juniors, all pupils follow the ‘My Happy Mind’ Program. myHappymind is all based around helping children to understand how their brain works and to support them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves! It is based around 5 key modules: meet your brain, celebrate, appreciate, relate and engage. Each module is designed using the science of how the brain works to help the pupils learn more about their emotions and how their reactions may differ from those of others. myHappymind is delivered in schools by class teachers through a series of interactive lessons and then the children apply these learnings throughout the day. The program is taught to all pupils from early years to year 6, and has been shown to improve pupils' resilience and decrease the instances of mental health issues by equipping the pupils with the skills they need to understand their emotions and reduce their own anxieties, before they reach crisis point.

To further embed this learning and ensure that parents are able to engage in these topics with their child, myHappymind has developed a set of resources for parents. These resources can be accessed online on your computer, or through an app on your phone. The resources allow children to continue to practise some of the habits they have developed at school, such as happy breathing, and for you to learn more about what they are learning in the program. Also included are activities for you to do together at home, to complement the in-school lessons.

To access these materials just go to https://myhappymind.org/parent-resources and you’ll be guided through the process.