Signposting Support

There are lots of support networks in the public domain covering every issue imaginable, from low motivation to anxiety disorders, but this can make finding the right help overwhelming. We have put together a list of our most widely-used support sites for you to have a look at. However, we are unable to check the content of all of them so please bear this in mind. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us if your area of need is not covered below as we may be able to point you in the right direction.

 Chat Health

A confidential and anonymous way to speak to a health professional. Home Page - ChatHealth


Kooth (online support for young people)

Kooth provides a safe and secure means of accessing mental health and well-being support designed specifically for young people.  It offers young people the opportunity to have a text-based conversation with a qualified counsellor, which can be beneficial for those who struggle to talk about their feelings. Counsellors are available from 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year on a drop-in basis. Young people can access regular, pre-booked online counselling sessions as needed. Outside counselling hours, young people can message the team and get support by the next day.

When students register with Kooth they will have support available to them now and in the future. Support can be gained not only through counselling but articles, forums and discussion boards.  All content is age appropriate, clinically approved and fully moderated.

To register and find out more visit

You can also view a short video about the service at:


Calm Halm App

Calm Harm is an app designed to help people resist or manage the urge to self-harm. It's private, password protected and NHS approved.



Advice on all things around sex education, including what is normal at different ages of development.  Brook Learn: free RSE e-learning – Brook



Specialist Services

121 youth counselling

Is a local, charity-based counselling service which can provide free counselling sessions to help with a range of issues.


Parenting Smart

Parenting Smart is a website that offers practical and accessible advice to parents and guardians of children aged 4-11. All of the content has been created by Place2Be’s parenting experts and is based on evidence and their experiences of working with children, young people and their families. It contains over 40 articles with advice for parents about some common parenting questions. Place2Be: Parenting Smart: Articles


Young Minds

Young minds offers support for young people and their parents on a range of different issues through informative articles. They also have text support for young people in crisis.




Elevate offers support with exams and study stress. They also provide practical advice for parents and pupils on how to improve motivation and study skills in the run-up to exams.

Elevate Coaching – We help school students transform their entire approach to studying in 12 weeks.


My Happy Mind

All parents of pupils in the junior and infant school have access to the myhappymind app. This not only lets you keep up-to-speed with the topics being covered in school, but is also full of fun activities you can do at home to help your child's wellbeing. Home - myHappymind


Anna Freud Centre

The Anna Freud Centre offers help and advice on a range of topics from reducing conflict in the family to supporting children’s wellbeing: Parents and Careers | Advice and Guidance | Anna Freud Centre


Anxiety UK

This organization helps all those suffering with anxiety disorders. The website has self-help leaflets and contact lists including self-help groups, counselling, phone self-help groups and email support. There is a separate section on young people and anxiety. Tel: 08444 775 774


OCD Action

OCD Action provides snformation and support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCDs) and related disorders including Body Dismorphic Disoder (BDD), Skin Picking (CSP), Trichotillomania (TTM) compulsive hair pulling.

Tel: 0845 390 6232


Eating Disorders:  B-EAT:

B-EAT is a UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families. Adult Helpline 0845 634 1414. Youth Helpline 0845 634 7650

textphone service 01603 753322

See also: for advice on diet and food intake and: ‘Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder’- a guide for parents by Rachel Bryant Waugh; Helping Children develop a positive relationship with food by Jo Cormach.



ChildLine is a free 24 hour counselling service for children and young people in the UK provided by the NSPCC. ChildLine deals with any issue which causes distress or concern. If you are worried about anything, something big or something small – don’t bottle it up. It can really help if you talk to someone. If there is something on your mind and you cannot talk to your parent or a teacher, ChildLine is here for you. Phone: 0800 1111


National Drugs Helpline

This helpline is for anyone concerned about drug misuse, including users, families, friends and carers. 0800  776600 (24 hours). It is also available in some languages other than English



FRANK Provides free, confidential advice, counselling and referral to specialist services 24 hours a Frank helpline: tel 0800 77 6600. See also:



The NHS website can offer guidance and support, as well as advice on how to get help. Mental health - NHS (