Learning Support

Curriculum Support at St. Nicholas’ School is designed to give students a boost in their learning and to ensure that students with more specific learning difficulties or disabilities thrive at our school.  We also support students for whom English is their second language. 

Teachers, parents and the students themselves let us know that they need some extra support.  We also identify students who may need support through assessments and screening for specific learning difficulties. 

The teaching sessions in the Curriculum Support Department are designed to cover a spectrum of needs, from support within the curriculum to help for those with individual learning difficulties.  The teaching provides support with literacy, language, comprehension, mathematics, study skills and exam skills.  Sessions are designed to meet the students’ specific needs, help them to enjoy learning and to develop a range of strategies to become independent learners. 

You know your children best of all, so we regularly involve parents and the students themselves in the planning of their support and in writing the pupil profiles that enable teachers to fully support students in their lessons.  

Our Head of Department, Mrs Helen Molloy, B.A.Hons, PGCE, PPM, BPS RQTU, is a specialist teacher of students with specific learning difficulties as well as a qualified teacher and has fifteen years’ experience of helping students to find strategies to help them succeed.  Our primary teacher, Mrs Louise Wallace, B.A. Hons, PGCE, has 16 years’ experience of teaching students in the primary phase. 

St.Nicholas’ School prides itself on its inclusive ethos.  We don’t charge extra for the support that we give, but we may ask parents to arrange for a private assessment by a specialist teacher assessor or speech and language therapist, for example, if we feel that extra measures need to be put in place. 

We would love to meet you and to discuss how we can support your daughter in her learning.  To make an appointment please contact csdept@st-nicholasschool.co.uk or call 01252 850121. 


Hampshire Local Offer for SEND  https://fish.hants.gov.uk/kb5/hampshire/directory/localoffer.page