Senior students and their parents are given a chance to talk to former pupils about their experiences and career paths at a yearly Career Evening at St Nicholas’ School.  They also had the chance to talk to representatives of local further education colleges. Pupils in Years 7-11 are encouraged to find out about courses and careers which, previously, they might not have considered. 

 St Nicholas’ pupils have forged careers in areas as diverse as autonomous vehicle design, cyber security, games design, the housing sector, law, marketing, NHS management, nursing, TV studio production, sports management, publishing, psychology, show jumping and coaching, and veterinary work.   Others have shown their entrepreneurial skills by starting their own businesses – Gaming and Horse management, or work for international companies such as BAE and IBM.  
Former pupils had attended a variety of universities, including several Russell Group ones.  Among the alumni was an Oxford Law graduate and PPE undergraduate.  Degree courses taken included:  Archaeology, Communications, Computer Science, Engineering, Fashion buying, Games technology, Geography, Human Biology, International marketing, Music, Physiotherapy, Product design and Psychology. 

We have strong relationships with many local Sixth Form Colleges, state or independent. We invite Colleges to attend our Open Mornings and many Sixth Form interviews are conducted in house. We ensure there is  a smooth transition and our pupils have the guidance that they need.