At St Nicholas’ we pride ourselves on having outstanding pastoral care. The small class sizes mean that pupils very quickly develop a strong rapport with the other girls in their tutor groups and year groups, as well as with staff. Touching base with their tutor twice daily means that the staff can quickly identify any pupil who may be struggling with a piece of work or with friendships, and they can resolve any problems at an early stage.

The tutor is the main point of contact for all pupils but overseeing the tutor teams are Heads of Phase, which are new appointments from September 2020. These Heads of Phase work with the tutors in either Key Stage 3 or 4 and overseeing all of the tutor teams is the Director of Pastoral Care.

In addition, we also have 2 fully trained ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) who work with girls on a referral basis, to provide additional support where needed.

We also involve the girls themselves in the school’s pastoral systems and our team of Prefects and ‘Big Sister’ mentors, made up of girls in the senior year-groups, provide a listening ear every day of the week. Girls have a chance to work with the staff to improve all aspects of school life, through the School Council.

There are a great many additional initiatives set up to help girls throughout the school: some of these include Social Skills groups and buddies when new pupils start the school.