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Reviews and Testimonials

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'I would just like to express my gratitude to you and all the staff at the school. Following your 2nd letter regarding the school fees, I would just like to thank you for all your consideration to the families struggling at this moment in time. I was delighted how much the school are trying to help the parents. I can’t begin to understand the pressures the school and teachers have been under these couple of weeks and I take my hat off to you all! The work our teachers have assigned is so good and the support is outstanding! Everyone has been struggling to deal with these circumstances and we have to be there to show our understanding of the staff who also have their own families, financial worries, elderly to look after etc. I just wanted to let you know we are behind you in every way and hope and pray that we all come out of this together and that the girls can move on from this unscarred'.

Natasha Squire 

'I wanted to write and say how myself and my husband, Marcus are so very impressed with the work you have all been doing.  We are in such difficult times and you, as a school, have been so professional and calm, thank you.  I have been so proud of my girls (Grace and Ella), who have worked so hard this week and have been diligently following their timetable and working through the work set.  We have discussed and they have agreed that they will continue to follow their revision timetables throughout the Easter break.  The GCSEs may not be happening, however, if the circumstances were normal, they would be working through until mid-June, so I see no reason to change things.  Otherwise they would be unmotivated, bored and may even become anxious (something my two have never been).  In closing, thank you all the staff for your very hard work, in such difficult times and trying to keep a semblance of normality for all your girls (not an easy task).  I wish you all a happy Easter and wish you all and your families remain safe and health'.

Jane and Marcus Watson

'We sat down with Lilly to watch your assembly on Monday morning and I must tell you that both myself and my husband were moved by your words.  Lilly tells us that your assemblies are always full of kind words and inspiration so perhaps we all need to listen to them from time to time, especially at times like these! I write to let you know just how impressed we are at the efficiency and speed at which you and your staff have put together a learning programme.  I have spoken to several friends over the last few days and they too are amazed, telling me how their children have little or no work prepared for them to complete during their time away from school. It is of great comfort and one less thing to worry about right now to know that Lilly's education will continue and have as little disruption as possible during these uncertain times.  Even down to having a piano lesson! We would like to thank you and your staff for all the hard work you have had to do to roll this out as swiftly as you have and feel that both you and your school represent all that is good and decent.  We are proud to say that Lilly is a part of that.'

Kim Lynton

'A massive thank you to everyone at the school during this extremely challenging time. We as parents appreciate you all, everything you all do and are doing with the children. We hope that you all will be able to get some sort of Easter Break.

Dr Wright, Lillia has very much enjoyed your “proper lesson” she has just had with you, as she put it. Hopefully you will all be in school together after the break however I suspect that more lessons over iPads, etc. will be the case after the break for a while.

We wish you all and your loved ones wonderful health and happiness.'

Tina Simmonds 

'Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for the excellent email you sent earlier this week clarifying the situation for next term. 
Secondly, we just wanted to say how impressed we have been with how the school has adapted its teaching so far, particularly Mrs Gair for Georgia - absolutely outstanding. What has impressed us even more though is the girls learning ethos and how well they have adapted to working remotely – this I am sure is down to St Nicks’ approach to learning and to the hard work that all the staff have put into this transition'.

Emily Graham

'We just wanted to express our thanks for the constant updates/ communications both before and after the school closed. 
Niamh has worked everyday to her school timetable and found the online system easy to access and navigate. It has given her a focus and a structure to her day during a very uncertain time for all of us. So thank you for that. We hope you all get to have some down time over the holidays, and appreciate all the efforts going in to try and maintain teaching and learning as well as a sense of community for the girls'.

Kelly and Andrew Moss

'We just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job we think you're all doing. You have our full support'


Please could you pass on our thanks to all at the school, you have all worked so kindly, quickly and so hard to ensure our girls have been kept safe and then to move to remote working has just been fabulous, I'm enjoying working with both mine while we are all at home and to be honest I am learning lots! I hope you can all enjoy a very very well deserved Easter break!

Georgina Hugill

'Whilst we all come to grips with the sudden changes in our world and the issues we are all faced with in our professional and personal lives as a result, we just wanted to let you know that you and all the teachers and staff at St Nick’s have our full support. We are here and we will help in any way we can in the coming months, please do not hesitate to ask.  You have our numbers and if any teacher or member of staff who live in the Fleet area needs our help just let us know.

We will all be in a better place very soon. Thank you so much for all that you do for us at St Nick’s. Amazing school!  Happy Easter and hopefully we will see you soon.'

Melanie McIndoe