Head and Deputy Head Girl Blogs

Head Girl - Kennedy Byrne

I was so excited and grateful when I was given the position of Head Girl at St Nicholas last October. I have looked up to every Head Girl since I joined here in January 2007! It’s also wonderful to be working alongside Isabelle Blair as Deputy, who is one of my closest friends. She never fails to put a smile on your face and I couldn’t think of a better person to be a role model for the younger pupils.

As I enter my 14th year at St Nicholas, and I head towards the time when I will have to leave to pursue new adventures, I’ve been contemplating my time here. I have always loved school, and this could be because I am naturally quite a keen bean, or it could be because of the nurturing, engaging environment I have grown up in here at St Nicholas. Personally, I think it’s a bit of both.

I don’t think I could have gone to a better school or have enjoyed my school years more. I have been encouraged, supported and challenged since the moment I joined the nursery department when I wasn’t quite three! I have been given the chance to try so many different skills, to find my passions, and to thrive under excellent guidance.

I have been taught by lots of teachers during my time here and they have always been enthusiastic and kind. They have introduced me to so many contrasting things, from the many sports, the different arts, or the wonder of the sciences! It has enabled me to discover my passion for music, my perhaps unusual love of chemistry, together with my complete inability to score a goal in football! No matter what, the teachers are always there and willing to help with anything. They are always supportive, even during these challenging times. For me, lockdown has really shown this to be true. From the first day lockdown began, the teachers were there online, giving us all our normal lessons. My teachers have been understanding of the limitations of the internet and always ready to go the extra mile to provide support if we need some extra help, just as they would do if we were in school.

One of the things that for me personally has made my school journey even more enjoyable and memorable, is the music and drama at St Nicholas. I have participated in every school play since I joined the school, playing a wide range of characters from a little singing angel in nursery, to a very quiet Mary in the infant nativity, all the way through to last year when I was lucky enough to play Morticia Addams in our school musical. These have all been marvellous experiences that I will never forget. The music department too is like a family at St Nicks and I have loved being part of the various musical ensembles, including the Chamber Choir and Orchestras. In my time, I have joined as many of these groups as possible, as they form such strong bonds between the different years and are a chance to truly express yourself.

It will certainly be very difficult to leave St Nicholas School in the summer, but at least I can always look back on my time here with a big smile on my face, remembering all the wonderful memories I have made over the years.

Deputy Head Girl - Isabelle Blair

In October last year, I was honoured and excited to be given the position of Deputy Head Girl. I was thankful to be given this position at the school I love, St Nicholas. Alongside Kennedy Byrne, Head Girl, and a close friend of mine I was thrilled to begin my year as Deputy Head Girl. Kennedy is a smart, kind-hearted positive girl and I cannot think of anyone better suited for the role then her.

It is hard to believe that in a few short months my time at St Nicholas school will be over. When I joined St Nicks in 2015 I was reserved, however my time here has truly brought out the best in me and helped me come out of my shell. Now, I feel so much more confident, not just in the classroom or in school but outside of school life too. I believe St Nicholas has been a key element in helping shape me today thanks to the warm environment. St Nicholas has helped me bloom and I will be for ever grateful.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but St Nicholas school never gave up! By using Microsoft Teams, we were able to have all our usual lessons, something to congratulate our school on. Even online I did not feel disadvantaged at all with my studies and the teachers were always happy to help with them being only one message away. Even with this hard year, impressively St Nicks still managed to carry out many memorable events that take place in the school calendar. Including an online prize giving, an online carol concert, an online open morning, and the annual school play.

St Nicks is full of so many opportunities and I truly believe there is something for everyone here! Whether that may be sport, music, drama, art or anything else. I have been fortunate to take part in so many amazing activities and trips at St Nicholas. Of course, not all can be mentioned however some of my personal favourites include the amazing residential trips, drama productions over the years, being part of the swing band and doing my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards. St Nicholas has helped me discover my passions as well as give me opportunities to try things I never thought I would. For example, being part of a sports club, which I must admit I did enjoy even though I do not consider myself a sporty person! I remember when I first auditioned for the school play in year 9. I was so nervous and had never auditioned in previous years but the support from the teachers and my friends helped me build up my courage to have a go. Afterwards I remember feeling so proud of my accomplishment as I had stepped out of my comfort zone. St Nicks is a community, helping and guiding its pupils, which I think helps make our school a unique school which I am truly blessed to go to. If any opportunity comes up at school that you are interested, I encourage you to take it! Give it a go- as I know St Nicks is a place without judgement.

It saddens me that soon I will be moving away from St Nicholas, however I know I will always look back on my time at St Nicks fondly. I will never forget how happy St Nicholas made me and I am forever grateful. I will enjoy my final year here and I encourage everyone to enjoy your time at St Nicks too. Take on every day positively and with a smile on your face and I can reassure you will enjoy each day!