Head and Deputy Head Girl Blogs

Head Girl - Arabella Calder

Earlier in July, I was privileged to have been given the role of this year’s Head Girl. I feel extremely grateful that I have been given this opportunity, as I have looked up to the older girls ever since I started in Reception. What makes this experience so special is that one of my closet friends of 11-year,s Anika, was awarded Deputy Head Girl. Anika is a bubbly character who is known for always having a smile on her face and is a fantastic role model for the younger pupils.

It’s hard to believe that my time at St Nick’s is coming to an end. Since the moment I joined in Reception, all the way up until year 11, I have always felt supported and uplifted by the people around me. The school has given me the confidence to try a range of activities to further enhance my skills, not only physically but academically as well. From trying these I found my passion for sport. The variety of sport offered at St Nick’s is vast and here I have created some of my favourite memories, especially when playing as a team.

Whether it’s a high or a low St Nick’s always finds a way to pull together and one particular memory that stands out for me was on the way back from a rounders match. We had won our last match of the season and we were on our way back to the school; the Euros semifinal was on later that night and, thanks to our PE teacher, we blasted ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘It’s Coming Home’ all the way back to school! It’s times like these I won’t forget and the feeling of togetherness I will thoroughly miss.

The school has always been keen to work with a wide range of charities and for us to give our time when we can. There have been many fun events we have helped to raise money for, charities like Macmillan Coffee Morning, when we receive hot chocolate and cake from the Year 11 pupils, and sporting events like the Race for Life, when we all dress up in as much pink as possible whilst raising money. The school has a very close connection to the Brain Tumour Charity, as a member of our school community sadly passed away at the age of 16. So, for the first time in St Nick’s history, we will be putting on a Twilight Walk in remembrance of her and raising money to help find a cure. I have a very special link with this charity as I live in the same village as she did and, along with her parents, I often help out with the charity and volunteer time when I have a chance. I hope that this becomes a tradition that will follow on for many more years at St Nick’s.


There have been many different teachers who have taught me throughout my time at St Nicholas’ School, but it is fair to say that every teacher has always been so supportive and encouraging that I always feel as though I can go and talk to them about anything that I need. They have all made my time at St Nicks special, and I will miss their support when we leave. They have always tried to put on a range of activities for us, not only during lessons but outside as well. We have been lucky enough to go to places like Baylab and Bletchley Park which have further increased our knowledge of the subjects. I am truly thankful for all the amazing opportunities teachers have gone out of their way to make happen and the positive effect it has on the pupils.

As this chapter of my life at St Nick’s comes to an end, there is a mix of emotions. I will be sad to leave my friends and teachers behind as it has been my home for the past twelve years but excited as I can use the skills St Nick’s has taught me to go into the big world. I have spent most of my life here with so many amazing memories that have been made I feel as though being Head Girl, alongside Anika, is not only a great pleasure and privilege but a brilliant way to end this chapter of our lives. Although there may be a few tears shed I will look back on the past 12 years with a smile and be forever grateful for the time St Nick’s have given me.

Arabella Calder

Anika Razdan

Deputy Head Girl - Anika Razdan

Earlier this year I was very kindly given the role of Deputy Head girl. I feel extremely honoured and still, many months on, am very grateful. In addition, I am thrilled to be working alongside one of my closest friends Arabella, Head Girl. We have been very good friends for coming on 11 years now, so having the opportunity to finish our time at St Nick’s as a partnership is incredibly special. I cannot think of a person better suited to the position than Arabella and she is an exceptional role model for all the younger pupils.

Having been at St Nick’s since Reception, I have grown up within the St Nick’s community and I couldn’t imagine a better place. The support you receive not only from the incredible staff, but also other pupils at St Nick’s, is remarkable. In school we have always been encouraged to interact with other pupils through events, such as sports day and house drama and music; three popular days during the year. In my opinion, the ability to form friendships across year groups is one of the things that makes St Nick’s unique.  I feel extremely privileged to be part of this wonderful school and will forever be grateful for all it has taught me. Moreover, throughout my time I have been taught by a lot of different teachers, and I can honestly say that every one has been supportive, kind and always wanted the best for every pupil. At the end of the day, any school could have fantastic facilities and beautiful grounds but what makes St Nick’s truly special is the incredible student and staff community within it.

For me, sport has played a massive part in my St Nick’s journey. I have always had a natural interest in sport, and due to the supportive environment created within our school, I was able to explore this passion and find a subject I thoroughly enjoyed. In addition, sport has given everyone at school the chance to build on fundamental skills, such as teamwork and communication, which we have all depended on beyond the hockey pitches or netball courts. During my time at St Nick’s, I have also been exposed to a large variety of sports, including volleyball and taekwondo, and always felt welcome in any club regardless of my previous experience. I have also played violin since infant school and am now part of Orchestra. The music at St Nick’s is outstanding and I would encourage anyone to join the tightly knit group of musicians at our school.

Although it will be very strange leaving St Nick’s in the summer, I feel very prepared and ready to take on the next steps of my life using everything St Nick’s has taught me. I have made many incredible memories and friends and will look back on my time here fondly.