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Alumni Spotlight - Mackenzie Morrison 

I was a student at St Nicholas' for a very long time, from 1999 through to 2013 and it is still somewhere which I hold very precious to my heart!  Unfortunately, due to the Covid situation this year, I know there is no careers evening for girls in years 9-11 but I wanted to share a bit of an insight into me and my life after leaving school, in particular at how I got to running my own business. 

I left St Nicholas' and went onto Farnborough Sixth Form, where I studied a varied range of A Levels, with the aim of going to University.  I adored Farnborough Sixth Form and still believe that my time at St Nicks helped me there too.  I did the 'normal' thing, completed my A Levels, and went to University.  For me, this was a bit of a shock as it just didn't suit me personally or academically and to go from someone who loved school and college, to then no longer enjoying my education, took me by surprise. 

I did a lot of research and thinking and having realised I was doing the wrong course, made the bold decision to leave 'conventional' University and pursue my dream career in another way. 

I became a student at the National Design Academy & began studying Interior Design.  They work very much like the Open University, so I studied my degree for 3 years part time and a diploma for 9 months before this, whilst working full time alongside this.  I finally graduated this year achieving a First in BA Hons Interior Design.  I had had plans to find myself a job in London - but then came Covid.

So I did something maybe quite brave & started my own business, Mackenzie Paige Interiors, earlier this year.  I can only say that I am beyond thrilled with how it is going.  I'm busier than I could have ever hoped for and the pleasure in seeing completed projects & happy clients is so worthwhile for me. 

I would also be more than happy to talk to any girls (virtually!) who may want to pursue a career in this industry, or even who aren't sure on the 'normal' University route - it works for many people and I know people who flourished going to Uni, but I am personally very passionate, that there are many other routes to success too.