Iceland Trip

Every 2 years girls in their GCSE years, Year 10 and 11 embark on a 5-day adventure to Iceland.  The trip blends together Geographical knowledge and that sense of awe and wonder that comes from seeing glaciers and geysers in real life.  The girls see so many varied landscapes all in a short time, from stunning coastal features set on black sand beaches to thunderous waterfalls that you can walk behind.  Harnessed up and equipped with crampons and ice axes, the girls explore the Solheimajokull glacier for an exhilarating few hours before having the chance to relax in geothermal springs and hot tubs.  The trip enhances geographical knowledge, inspires the girls and, we hope, forges friendships that last a lifetime!

Isle of Wight

In Year 5 the girls travel to the Isle of Wight for a unique trip of geographical discovery.  During their visit, an understanding and appreciation of various natural landscapes is nurtured through hands-on practical learning experiences.  The trip instills many of the attributes on which we place significant value: personal development, collaboration, communication and community. These are all nurtured as the girls enjoy a bespoke programme of activities over the 4-day residential visit.


PGL Taking place early in the autumn term of Year 7, the PGL trip provides the perfect backdrop for the forming of new friendships and welcomes our new starters to the School in a truly memorable way!  The big swing, raft building and various team-building challenges are just a few of the activities that the girls sample in their adrenaline-fueled week of fun!