Gifted And Talented

Gifted and Talented pupils are described in the latest government thinking as being around the top 5 to 10% of the ability range in any school or class setting.  The terms 'gifted' and 'talented' are described below:

'gifted' learners have abilities in one or more subjects in the school curriculum, other than art and design, music, performing arts and PE
'talented' learners have abilities in art and design, music, PE and performing arts

Here at St Nicholas' School, Gifted and Talented pupils are identified using national testing data (PIPS and MidYIS) and using each department's own identification criteria, based on those of NACE (the National Association for Able Children in Education)

All departments monitor the progress of the pupils, set them targets and ensure that the work is sufficiently challenging, through differentiated tasks and an appropriate level of questioning.  Pupils who are identified by a number of departments meet with the Deputy Head (Academic), once a year and complete a form to indicate whether their needs are being met, any plans they have for the future and to suggest any further activities that they would find beneficial. 

We endeavour to provide a stimulating experience outside of the classroom, through extra curricular clubs and societies, enrichment activities, including visits by outside speakers, and competitions.  Some departments also give the girls a small responsibility within their department.  The School also encourages the pupils to participate in local initiatives for the Gifted and Talented, such as the Oxbridge talks, offered by the local sixth form colleges.