Co - Curricular

At St Nicholas’, our co-curricular programme refers to the academic, personal, spiritual, creative and physical development of every pupil, alongside a sound understanding of community.  A key component in the delivery of a well-rounded education, our co-curricular programme develops the whole child and affects almost all areas of school life.  By engaging in these opportunities and experiences, pupils develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills that are needed to work in a rapidly globalising world, whilst enhancing their enjoyment of school life. 
As a through school, we have the unique opportunity to monitor and support the progress of every pupil according to their strengths and abilities at each key stage.  Offering experiences that are meaningful and child-centred is our focus, whether that be exploring Forest School in Early Years lessons, participating in the popular Duke of Edinburgh scheme, or even working alongside teaching specialists during Activity Weeks.  A broad and balanced co-curricular programme develops social skills, nurtures a willingness to take risks, boosts confidence and enhances the development of leadership skills whilst also providing inspirational role models in our senior girls for the younger children in our community, continuously preparing our pupils for a life after St Nicholas’. 
In this section of the website please explore some elements of our co-curricular programme in more detail.  

Co-curricular programme
We are always seeking to further develop our co-curricular provision with the help of our PTA, parents, alumni and members of our local community.

If you have any queries regarding co-curricular, please contact: 
Mr Paul Nicholls  
Director of Co-curricular  

A well-designed and successful Co-curricular programme complements rather than conflicts with the core academic curriculum. Engagement with non-academic pursuits is not only beneficial to student development, but is known to be highly valued by employers. It may seem like a small change, but by demonstrating to students that we view these activities as equally important to academic study, we encourage participation.  At St Nicholas' we encourage them to take control of their academic and personal development to shape their own future.