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Jade Gilley - Junior Materials Developer

I was at St Nicks for 9 years. At college I studied Maths, Physics and Textiles and went on to study Material Science and Engineering (specialising in Textile Science) at the University of Manchester.  

This course covered composites, yarn/fibre science and colour physics to material testing, how to work with mills/factories and dyeing and finishing fabrics etc. 

In 3rd year I did a placement year working as a Product Innovator for a large company in Manchester which was amazing and allowed me to travel all over the country as well as abroad!  

I did my dissertation on Colour Physics, which involved looking into how we view colour, how colour is used on fabrics and MATLAB computer coding was used for the experiment.   

I got a First-Class Degree with Honours, gaining the highest mark on the course - which is something I am extremely proud of.  I also achieved 85% in my dissertation! 

I got my first job 2 weeks after my last exam.  I worked as a Junior Textile Technologist for a textile manufacturing firm which, although wasn't what I wanted to do forever, was such a big learning curve! I worked with mills in China, India and Pakistan, developing new textile products, testing fabrics and approving products.  I was supposed to visit mills in China in March 2020, but the pandemic prevented this!  I was put on furlough from April to August which gave me time to look for a new job.  My dream job was to work for the sportswear brand Gymshark!  I applied for my dream role as a Junior Materials developer and amazingly managed to get it (after many rejections previously!).  The job involves working with our team in Hong Kong to develop fabrics with Far East and Near East mills.  I work closely with designers to give them the exact the look, hand-feel and functionality of the materials they desire for their collections which such a big responsibility but so rewarding at the same time! It is the best job EVER!  

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