There are several Scholarships available to girls at St Nicholas’ School from Year 7 entry to the Senior School only.   Each Scholarship is essentially an honorary award but does also carry a small financial award, which is credited to the pupil’s fees account for the duration of their time at the school.

Each Scholarship signifies excellence in the area to which it relates and should be a source of great pride to the holder.

Scholarship examinations for Year 7 September 2024 will be held shortly after the Entrance Examination in January 2024, at St Nicholas’ School.

Current and prospective pupils who wish to apply for a scholarship, must notify the Registrar by Friday 8th December 2023

Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport scholarships are available, each worth up to 10% of the school fees, and your daughter will be required to sit the Entrance Examination. 

Pupils are expected to demonstrate all round ability in their chosen field to be considered for a scholarship.   They will be asked to either perform or produce a portfolio of examples, or to provide evidence of successes in their chosen field as appropriate and will be invited for an interview to discuss their chosen subject.   Scholarships will be awarded only if candidates meet the criteria.

For further scholarship information, please contact the Admissions Team on 01252 850121 or email