As the girls enter the Senior School, we build on their earlier learning to encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity and independence.  

Our broad academic timetable and specialist teachers provide St Nicholas’ girls with the opportunity to study additional subjects such as Latin, Mandarin and Classical Civilisation.  St Nicholas’ has a very strong tradition of encouraging
and developing pupils’ creativity to help them excel in design subjects, for example art, food technology and textiles, and in the performing arts.

At GCSE, our curriculum provides opportunities for girls to study examinations in the core subjects of English, mathematics, and the three separate sciences, as well as in modern foreign languages, humanities and physical education.

Throughout their time in the Senior Department each girl is provided with a school device to boost the outstanding teaching and learning already in
place in the classroom.  Our intent is to maximise the learning experience by combining all the benefits of modern technology alongside the more traditional
methods of learning, such as classroom discussions, writing and practical work.

To support our girls, we offer a fantastic co-curricular programme and a wide range of enrichment, from school sports, music and school plays to specialist pastoral care and learning support.

At St Nicholas’ School we believe that every girl should be given the opportunity to excel across a full range of subjects, whatever her ability.

Years 7 to 9 Curriculum
(Key Stage 3) 

At St Nicholas’ we appreciate how important a smooth transition into Senior School is and we spend a lot of time aiding this, with Year 7 teambuilding events and trips throughout the year. These help to ensure that the girls are provided with plenty of time to get to know each other, form friendships and bond through activities and their experiences. 

Our 'Making the Transition into Senior School' Booklet contains information about many of the main features of the Senior School and explains how we support girls making the transition from Year 6 into Year 7.

In Year 7 pupils start learning Latin and the three sciences are studied separately.  Pupils take half-yearly courses in Food Preparation and Nutrition and Textiles as part of Design Technology. 

In Year 8, after appropriate reflection and consultation, pupils either continue with Latin, follow a course in Classical Civilisation or take extra English.  In addition, they will continue with Mandarin and Spanish or extra French and Curriculum Support.

In Year 9, pupils are able to choose to continue a combination of two foreign languages.  Extra English, Extra French and Curriculum Support are offered as before.  Pupils begin their GCSE courses for maths and the three separate sciences. 

Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 we give pupils a wide range of experiences designed to help them make informed decisions about their GCSE options. The curriculum provides continuity, enabling pupils to develop their knowledge from the previous Key Stage.

Our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Curriculum Booklets provide an overview of life in each particular year group.

Part way through Year 9, pupils are asked to think seriously about which subjects they would like to study to GCSE level and asked to make their GCSE Option choices.

Our Year 9 Options Booklet provides information on the Core Subjects and Options that are open to them. 


Senior Transition Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Senior_Transition_Booklet_2022-23

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y7_Curriculum_Booklet_2022-23

Year 8 Curriculum Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y8_Curriculum_Booklet_2022-23

Year 9 Curriculum Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y9_Curriculum_Booklet_2022-23

Year 9 Options Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y9_Options_Booklet_2022-23

Years 10 and 11 Curriculum
(Key Stage 4)

In Years 10 and 11 pupils study a core curriculum of English Language, English Literature, a Modern Foreign Language, Mathematics and either Biology, Physics and Chemistry (as separate sciences) or Combined Science (with extra Maths and Science).  In addition, pupils choose three options from the list below and have lessons in PE, PSHE, Religious Education and Music.

Option Subjects (3 from the following subjects)

  • Art
  • Textiles
  • Business Studies
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Extra English/French/Curriculum Support
  • Extra Mathematics/Science
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Geography
  • History
  • Latin
  • Second modern foreign language* 
  • Music
  • Physical Education

*Modern foreign languages available as either one language or options are French, Mandarin or Spanish.


Year 10 Curriculum Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y10_Curriculum_Booklet_2022-23

Year 11 Curriculum Booklet

First page of the PDF file: Y11_Curriculum_Booklet_2022-23