Meet our Director of Sport

What attracted you to St Nicholas’ School? 

The main attraction to St Nicholas’ was the fact that it is a 'through’ school from ages 3-16. Having worked previously at two Prep Schools and one Senior School it was an exciting prospect to be able to teach across all of the age groups in one school! This is because I enjoy aspects of teaching both the younger and older children; with fundamentals of PE at one end and GCSE at the other. I also like the thought of the bond and rapport you can build with the pupils over that extended period.

 What changes have you implemented so far or plan to implement during your time as Director of Sport? 

This is tricky as I have not managed to spend any time in school yet with the pupils! I look forward to meeting them face-to-face and experiencing what the school currently offers. From this I will be able to address what the pupils enjoy and what there may be a need for. At the moment I am focusing on building links with local independent schools and developing our fixture provision for when we are able to compete again! Everything I do will be in the best interests of the St Nick's pupils. 

What are your greatest strengths as Director of Sport? 

I am very organised! I also have experience teaching across the age groups and in a variety of sports. I pride myself on building positive relationships with the pupils so I am able to support them as well as I possibly can and get the best out of them. I also try to do everything with a smile! 

Why is sport an important subject? 

It not only keeps children and young people fit and healthy but also develops life skills such as communication, team work and leadership. Some studies have also shown that it can increase focus and productivity in the classroom. During this unprecedented time, the importance of sport and physical activity in stress relief and mental well-being has been highlighted. I think it is important that pupils experience competition and winning and losing. Sport also provides the opportunity to explore ‘failure’, although I don’t like that word! It provides opportunities for learning, developing and improving. It can emphasise perseverance and resilience. I hope to instil a love of sport in our pupils, one that they will continue into their adult lives.