Welcome from the Headmistress

St Nicholas’ is a unique school where children have the chance to grow up at their own pace, and where they can let their talents and imagination run free. 

Watch our video below to find out why at every stage of their educational journey, St Nicholas' pupils flourish. 

At St Nicholas' School, everyone is valued, everyone is someone.

It is a privilege to be the Headmistress of such an energetic and talented school community.

We have a long history of educating boys and girls together in our Infant Department and girls all the way through to 16. Few schools offer the opportunity to get to know pupils so well. It is little wonder that they achieve so highly academically; nurtured and supported as they are throughout their education. If you visit us you’ll see why our GCSE results rank amongst the best nationally.

St Nicholas’ pupils benefit from fabulous resources and the very best teachers. Hard work comes naturally to St Nicholas’ pupils but so too does enjoyment and participation. That’s why we ensure that pupils go on trips far and wide and that pupils can make friends across the year groups. In preparing our pupils to navigate and shape for themselves this complex and changing world, we also understand the importance of involvement in co-curricular activities and are proud to play our part in developing the next generation of intellectually curious and self-motivated young women.

Our focus on pupils' achievements, alongside their artistic, sporting and creative development all takes place within a framework of excellent pastoral care and wellbeing. We understand; we listen; we challenge. We help girls to succeed but we also help them to learn how to deal with failure too.

An education at St Nicholas’ equals a happy childhood.

I look forward to showing you exactly what this looks like.

Dr Olwen Wright