We are proud to play our part in the development of children from their earliest years through to sixteen. 

We have three major educational aims.

  • To encourage each pupil to achieve the highest possible standards in academic work and to benefit fully from the aesthetic and physical education programmes which we offer.
  • To develop self-esteem, confidence and leadership and to cultivate a sense of responsibility in every pupil, together with a growing awareness of moral and spiritual values.
  • To offer all pupils a caring and well run environment in which to develop the skills and knowledge they will need both in school and in their future lives.

All of our pupils have the opportunities to fulfil their abilities; many going on to be leaders in the fields of academia, industry, business and the arts. Whatever they become, we believe the school plays a vital role in helping them to recognise their strengths and realise their goals.

We aim to instil a sense of pride in everything they do and the vision to see the virtue in the endeavours of others.