Meet our Head and Deputy Head Girls


Head Girl, Rosalind Torr

In June, I began the exciting but somewhat daunting position of Head Girl.

I can honestly say it is such an honour to represent the school and this is an amazing opportunity for self-development.  I am delighted to be working alongside my friend Natalia, who is charismatic, clever and confident so hopefully, we will make a great duo to lead the school.  I can’t wait to make my last year at St Nicholas’ School extra special, packed full of wonderful experiences and memories - that I can take away with me into the next stage of my life.

I have always looked up to the Year 11 pupils but, strangely enough, I’m actually going to be in Year 11.  As nervous as I am about beginning my final year at St Nicks, I can’t wait to experience days like my prom and experience trips to Iceland and Paris with my friends.  I know doing my GCSEs will be a stressful time, but I feel prepared, especially after having years of exam experience, learning the techniques and gaining fantastic advice from my teachers.

I think what makes my time here at St Nick’s so valuable is the range of opportunities offered to us; they really have enhanced my education.  I have played the violin since Year 1 and the piano since Year 7 and it is such a fantastic way to get involved in the orchestras and concerts.  I started playing sport for the school right from the start and it is constantly one of the highlights of my week.  Winning is, of course, especially fun but we also pull together as a team - even when we lose.  I became a Sports Leader in Year 9, and this was a great chance to get to know the younger girls and build upon my leadership skills.  I try to take part in school competitions and schemes like CREST as they usually provide an extra dimension to what we are learning and give me a chance to work with someone new.

Regarding my extra-curricular activities, I tend to enjoy more of the academic aspects.  I am enthusiastic about History, English and Languages.  Due to weeks such as Enrichment Week and Careers Week, I feel more confident and totally equipped for when I leave St Nick’s, as these experiences help us prepare for what we would like to do next.  Although I am still not entirely sure I know what route I will take, I do know that I have been given the skills and knowledge I need to move on to almost anything in the next chapter of my life.

Head Girl

I think what makes my time here at St Nick’s so valuable is the range of opportunities offered to us; they really have enhanced my education.


Deputy Head Girl, Natalia Pierog

Early this year, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to represent the school as Deputy Head Girl during my final year at St Nicholas’.  I am thrilled to have the chance to serve the school alongside Rozy and I am excited to see what changes we can bring.

I first joined St Nicholas’ in Year 7, after moving around primary schools, a lot, and some of my first impressions were the picturesque school grounds, from the lush green sports fields to the grand reception.  In spite of this, it was hard to be intimidated by the school, because of the cozy atmosphere and caring pupils.  Day after day I attended and before I knew it, I was in Year 10 and preparing for my GCSEs!  It feels like I have been at St Nick's all my life whilst simultaneously feeling like the time at school has slipped through my fingers, as we approach the final stretch.

During my time at St Nick’s, I have discovered a passion for many things, such as science, which I hope to turn into a career one day, and a flair for languages, including Mandarin and French.  I’ve also loved participating in music, playing the flute in ensembles such as orchestra and swing band.  A huge thank you and well done goes to everyone in Flute Choir, a small flute group we set up this year.

To conclude, I would like to briefly mention aspects of this school that I am truly thankful for.

Firstly, I have immense gratitude for all the teachers for going above and beyond to enrich everybody’s time at this school. From teachers staying behind after lessons to guide you through schoolwork, to sacrificing their time to set up lunchtime and after-school clubs.  To teachers such as Dr Head who took Georgina and me up to London to the Teen Tech Finals, while lugging a bike through a crowded train station, I have more appreciation than can be expressed with words.

Of course, thank you to all the pupils here at St Nick’s, for making the school experience what it has been.  And finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to Rozy, who has always been kind and welcoming for the 4 years I have known her and has been the cause of some very entertaining Tuesday afternoon Mandarin lessons!  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being Head Girl this year, and I know she will excel in her role.

Deputy Head Girl

I have immense gratitude for all the teachers for going above and beyond to enrich everybody’s time at this school.