About Us

St Nicholas’ School is an independent all-through day school for girls aged 3–16 and boys aged 3–7 years.

Founded by two teachers, Helen Pritchard and Angela McKenzie in 1935, St. Nicholas' School has continued to fulfil a dream founded on a Faith that has weathered all things, for the education and training of young people. 

During this time, the school has experienced a journey of remarkable growth and vitality.

Founded by two teachers in 1935, the foundations and principles of St Nicholas' School have been retained.

St Nicholas' was first located in Branksomewood Road, Fleet and spent 60 years there, with innumerable children passing through its classrooms on their way to success in many professions.  Their years were happy and productive ones, producing confident young people, phased by very little and enthusiastic to meet any challenge in the outside world. 

With the outbreak of war in 1939 and being so near to the Army barracks in Aldershot, the school supplied a safe and caring place while parents were moved between barracks across the country. 

The atmosphere of community within the school produced a sense of confidence and respect, as well as concern for others, which has not changed to this day.

St Nicholas' School old site' at Branksomewood Road, Fleet
St Nicholas' School old site's entrance hall
St Nicholas' School old site's classroom
St Nicholas' School old site's school hall
St Nicholas' School old site's drawing room
St Nicholas' School old site's chapel
St Nicholas' School old site's dormitory
St Nicholas' School old site's garden
St Nicholas Logomark

In 1952 a motto was added to the badge of St Nicholas’ School "Confirma Domine Serviendo" (Strengthen us Lord by our service).  The words reflect the school hymn "Strengthen for Service, Lord, The Hands". 

St Nicholas is known as the Patron Saint of children.  He became the model for the traditional Santa Claus based on his caring and secret gift giving.  The boat in the school's badge reflects St Nicholas in his additional role as the Patron Saint of seafarers.

Pupils were encouraged to excel in many ways, not only academically, but in sport, music, art, drama, and in all aspects of life.  The broad education received at St Nicholas’ gave the girls the confidence to go into the world taking with them the strength to serve.

St Nicholas' School moved to Redfields House, Church Crookham in 1996 where the school's ethos, motto, academic achievements and successes have continued. 

Our Nursery, Infant, Junior and Senior departments are set in over 30 acres of beautiful grounds and ancient woodlands where children are inspired to learn and grow at their own pace, developing their unique talents whilst fostering a lifelong love of learning.

We are proud of our happy and welcoming community and invite you to visit us to experience what sets St Nicholas' School apart from other schools.



Redfields House 1995